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Night Vision Scope Types And Choosing

Night Vision Scope Types

You may confused about night vision scope and other normal optic instrument, so, let’s compare the night vision scope with the normal devices apart from thermal scopes. In comparing between these devices, you should note features that specifically cater to your needs.

Night Vision Monocular

night vision 19

A monocular differs from a night vision scope in that it is a regular device that is used to see objects that are located far away. Monocular acts as a form of magnifying glass without any special abilities. However, digital night vision monocular perfect solved with multi-functions of telescope, camera, video recording. Which able to improve tvision in areas and situations of low lighting. Moreover, can adapt for situations for which night scopes use to like hunting, night patrol, farming invading protection, fish pond monitoring so on.

Night Vision Clip-On Rifle Scope

clip on

A regular rifle scope is a dedicated tool that is attached to one’s gun. The fixed nature of a regular type night rifle scope poses inconveniences when using a daytime scope. This is because you have to adjust the scope whether you change a daytime scope for a nighttime scope and vice-versa.

To eliminate the inconvenience associated with changing scopes when using a regular rifle scope, clip-on was invented. Clip-on allows you to add to a special night scope instrument part to your existing scope and eliminates the need for switching between scopes and perfecting their settings.

If you need to eliminate the inconvenience associated with changing scopes, you should get a clip-on.

Night Vision Goggles


Night vision goggles are other options that are highly considered when searching for tools that improve vision at night. Night goggles are worn over the head instead of mounted on rifles. You wear them, and they make you see in the dark. Moreover, it frees your hands to do the other things.

There are plus sides and downsides to night vision goggles. The plus sides include the fact that night goggles are easy to use. It is also noteworthy that a night vision goggle provides a high level of depth perception. The downsides to a night vision goggle include the fact that the viewing angles are limited. Also, the extra weight on one’s head could be a mild source of inconvenience.

Having mentioned both sides of night vision goggles, it is important to mention that they are suitable for situations when you need moving and where you will walk around a lot.

Which Type Night Vision Fits Your Needs?

To make the right decision between a night vision goggle and a night vision scope, you should consider the scenarios where you need a night vision. For scenarios that involve staying in a particular position for an extended period, a night vision monocular with tripod mount is a better option compare to night vision goggles.

Post time: Nov-01-2019