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Method of using infrared camera and cleaning infrared camera

The methods and techniques of using infrared camera are:

Adjust the focus. You can adjust the image curve after the infrared image is stored, but you cannot change the focal length after the image is stored, nor can you eliminate other messy heat reflections. Ensuring the correctness of the operation at the first time will avoid operational errors on site.


Choose the correct temperature measurement range. In order to get the correct temperature reading, the correct temperature measurement range must be set. When observing the target, fine-tuning the temperature span of the instrument will get the best image quality. This will also affect the quality of the temperature curve and the accuracy of temperature measurement.

Know the maximum measurement distance. When measuring the target temperature, the maximum measurement distance of the accurate temperature reading must be accurate. For the uncooled micro-heat type focal plane detector, in order to accurately distinguish the target, the target image through the optical system of the thermal imager must occupy nine pixels or more. If the instrument is too far away from the target, the target will be small, and the temperature measurement result will not accurately reflect the true temperature of the target object, because the temperature measured by the infrared camera at this time averages the temperature of the target object and the surrounding environment.

Ensure that the instrument is stable during the measurement process. In order to achieve the best results, the instrument should be as stable as possible when freezing and recording images.


Some electronic products we use daily, such as computers and mobile phones, can be cleaned with a soft cloth or toilet paper if they are dirty. However, for precision infrared thermal imaging cameras, cleaning may not be so easy.

1. Tool preparation for cleaning the infrared camera

Before cleaning the thermal imaging camera, we must first choose the auxiliary tools for cleaning, such as warm water, neutral detergent, soft cloth, medical cotton, alcohol, special lens cleaning fluid, acetone, etc.

2. Clean the housing of the infrared camera

For the cleaning of the infrared camera body shell, we can wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in water. If it is difficult to wipe off the contaminants, you can dip an appropriate amount of cleaning fluid to clean, then wring out the soft cloth and wipe the thermal imager several times Just try to remove the cleaning fluid for the outer shell. This method is also suitable for cleaning some accessories of the infrared thermal imager. But please be careful not to let the cleaning fluid stay on the charging cable or other key parts of the thermal imager, so as to avoid damage to the thermal imager.

3. Clean the infrared lens of the infrared camera

Because the surface of the infrared lens of the infrared thermal imager has a precision coating, you should be very careful when cleaning the infrared lens. The action should be gentle and not too strong to avoid scratching the lens. In actual operation, use medical cotton to dip a small amount of lens cleaning solution and wipe it gently. After removing the contaminants, use a soft cloth to remove the cleaning solution on the lens. Note that the medical cotton that has been wiped cannot be reused. This will cause secondary pollution.

Post time: Dec-05-2020