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Exhibition Restarting Military I Night Vision I Innovation

Due to the COVID-19, 2020 is destined to have a different beginning. The exhibitions that were in full swing in previous years have also become deserted. In July, China ushered in the restart plan of the first batch of exhibitions. On 17-18 of this month, our company was invited to participate in the 5th Guangdong (Guangzhou) National Defense Science and Technology Innovation and Military and Police Foreign Trade Exhibition.



As we all know, night vision equipment is a high-tech product. It was used in the construction of national defense in the early stage, and it is a major manifestation of national defense capabilities. As a high-tech company that R&D, production and sales night vision devices, our company continues to follow in the footsteps of the national defense industry to inherit and innovate night vision technology. Therefore, for this defense military exhibition, our company is very active in participating. It is intended to learn about the current advanced technology in the field of night vision infrared and the fields and products involved in night vision at this National Defense Military Exhibition. Next, let’s take a look at China’s night vision infrared technology application and hard nuclear weapons.


  • Military camouflage uniform: This kind of clothing can be perfectly used in the combat environment in the field. The camouflage ability is super strong. It is difficult to identify whether it is day or night. At this time, you need to rely on observation telescopes, night vision devices, and thermal imaging. Wait for machinery to observe


  • Shenzhen Qingzhun exhibited rotary-wing surveillance drones and fire-fighting rocket drones, with combat capabilities, fire-fighting capabilities, and aerial surveillance. The military technology has been greatly improved. At present, most of the reconnaissance drones are equipped with night vision equipment and have night vision reconnaissance capabilities.


  • High-speed camera: It can capture high-definition instant portraits when the object is moving at a high speed. At the same time, this device also has the ability to capture night vision. Played a huge role in scientific research





  • Among them, human body rapid detection equipment, police sight glasses, law enforcement record and evidence collection equipment, prevention and control security gate equipment, explosives and drug detection equipment, etc. all use infrared detection equipment. In the daily prevention and control protection, night vision infrared technology is also used. Slowly penetrate into the testing equipment of life

After introducing high-tech night vision infrared technology products, let’s look at hard nuclear weapons:


车2 迷彩衣服3

枪1 枪2

智能机械手1 智能机械手2

电枪 迷彩衣服2

安全帽 警帽

迷彩衣服1 迷彩衣服5

迷彩衣服4 帐篷

  • Including explosion-proof vehicles, amphibious vehicles, firearms and equipment arsenals, smart manipulators, riot stun guns, safety protective clothing, protective helmets, camouflage uniforms, combat uniforms, police uniforms, military tents, military training equipment, police equipment, logistics Equipment, rubber products, etc.

After learning about China’s military and national defense capabilities, don’t you want to play with night vision equipment?







Post time: Jul-24-2020