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Can Night Vision Works in Absolute Darkness? How Did They Work?

Except for the thermal type night vision, both image intensifier tube (IIT) and digital CCD/CMOS night vision make use of the tiny bit of light left in the otherwise dark surroundings like the infrared light which is invisible to naked eyes. Truth is, IIT and digital night vision scope devices don’t work in absolute darkness.

However, when we outside feel in complete darkness, in fact, it is not complete darkness; corrective, it should be saying in a space that our naked eye would perceive as complete darkness, but there is still enough light for the night vision devices to work. The secluded light from the stars or the moon is ever-present even during the darkest nights. Excepting inside a closed small space like cave or basement that most of the environments in outdoor natural spaces are where light (visible & invisible) can be reached and being used by the night vision devices. What’s more, most objects in our surroundings are above zero temperature, physics class learned, objects above 0 body temperatures will emit infrared so there is very little chance of you being in an absolute darkness environment, thus, this is not present be an issue for the night user.


In conclusion, except thermal other types of night vision devices cannot work in complete darkness (without any lights) environment, they do need a bit of weak light. But don’t worry; even if one day adventure in the cave, there have options, you can obtain a model of scopes that has a built-in IR or one that can be externally mounted. This way we can avoid the situation in which we would be unable to see in the absolute darkness. The illuminator adds infrared light to the surroundings enable the night vision device used to obtain a better and sharper image quality in any type of condition. But, it is important to keep in mind that the IR light has a limited range, so you cannot expect the view distance is as far as the natural light present. Still, most high-quality IR illuminators are more than satisfactory for general use.


Post time: Dec-19-2019