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Battery Powered Security Night Camera Best Night Vision Scope For The Money

The P1S-0540 (black color) and P15S-0540 (camouflage color) are our first-generation and first type digital night vision monocular product of our factory with own design patent produced in 2015. 4years passed, and now, it is widespread in the world market and can be easily found on any online store like Amazon, eBay, and Wish, Aliexpress.


Today, what I want to introduce is our New DNV Monocular product PJ2-0532.

PJ2-0532 is our new and second type digital night vision monocular, still keeps the camera, video recording, playback functions and with better optic and electrical system. The objective lens diameter is 32mm, 5X optic zoom, and 8X digital magnification. With the filter cover, the daytime image is closer with nature the same as the naked eyes observed. And the battery is using 3 pieces 1.5V AA batteries instead of 3.7V rechargeable li-ion battery. This will be easier to find in any grocery store and convenience for using too.



This PJ2-0532 scope can be widely used as wildlife outdoor camera, night motion camera like night fishing /camping, or as security spy detect cam, law-enforcement ops and security denfense optic instrument.

In the below video, our user will tell you more about PJ2-0532 device including how to use it and how it works in daytime and night shoot.

Post time: Nov-12-2019