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ABOUT Digital night vision (DNV) technology

Generally speaking , the night vision  technology is transforming the invisible light ( by human eyes) singnal such as dimlight of infrared light into electrical singnal and then after processed by certain sensor, turning the electrical signal back into visible light singnal . With this technology, night vision devices even enlarge the image by optical systerm to make it easier to see.

Night vision devices can be classified by operating principle as: low-light-level night vision; thermal imaging night vision; digital night vision. By purpose can be classified as: visualizer; sighting telescope and etc.

Our company mainly produces digital night vision devices, also produces some thermal imaging products.

Apart frome traditional night vision devices, the digital night vision uses CMOS or CCD as image intensifier instead of intensify tube. Which can detect quite dim light and the transformed electrical singnal will be displayed on a screen inside devices. 

So the digital night vision devices are the outcome of the combination of optics and electronics.



In general, a digital night vision device consists of an objective lens, a light-sensitive sensor, blocks of electronic image processing and a control, a display , an eye piece, a battery systerm and several interfaces. 

When the ambient light is dim, the reflection of infrared light on subject’s surface goes through the objective lens, and forms image on the detector surface. The image is revieved by the detector and processed into video information, then outputted to electronic image processing block. After processing the information along with key operation instruction, the electronic block transmits the information to the display driver, and then eyepieces enlarge the display screen so the users can see easily.

For better performance, a lot of night vision devices also equipped with auxiliary illuminator such as LED torch or laser torch. When the ambient light is too weak, the auxiliary illuminator enhances reflection so that the observing effect is improved.

Battery systerm supplies operating power sustainingly, the interfaces are convenient to mount with tripod, helmet or other equipments while using for a long time. 

Multilayer coated glass IR lens constitute the eyepieces on our products which increase the light transmission. We use the most advanced optical design to eliminate parallax.


Digital night vision devices have functions as photographying, audio and video recording and so on. Also support images and videos storage and transmission. Along with the widely use of electronic technique, more functions can be intergrated such as Wi-Fi, remote control, GPS, laser rangefinder and so on. 

What’s more, the sensor on digital night vision devices will not be influenced by intense light, so you can actually use both day and night, strong light occasion so on.


Visual performance while using night vision devices

Post time: Jun-20-2019